Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Iceland: Day 3 Whale watching

Sunday today and all is quiet in Reykjavik. They like a good skinful, and drinking in the street, despite ridiculous prices, seemed common. The good times may be over but they still like a good time. Our whale trip took us right out to sea and boy was it freezing. You could barely look into the wind without feeling that your nose, or worse, would drop off. For light relief we had a couple of drunks on board, likeable drunks. They were drinking cans of 14% Polar Bear lager when we left dock and were hitting the spirits (looked like rum) when we spotted our first Minky whale at the other side of the boat. This sent the hat wearing drunk clattering flat onto to the deck in the rush, but he did what only a drunk can do in these circumstances, kept his hat on and spilt not a drop from his drink. They whooped every time we saw a whale and were singing all the way back to harbour. Boys will be boys. Great fun.

Coloured houses

Our afternoon was spent walking the streets among the red, yellow, blue, green and cream coloured houses. I assume it’s an attempt to stave off the long, dark, grey winters with a splash of colour.

Northern Lights

Our hotel was right on the waterfront, looking North, so we sauntered out at around 10.30 pm to see if we could spot the famed Northern Lights, and we did. Not spectacular, but we saw them glow, appear, disappear and change shape behind the mountains on the far shore.


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