Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vienna - Day 1

Vienna brings to mind two very different images in my mind - Midge Ure in that damn video looking upwards, master of the dagger shaped sideburns (favoured by men past their sell by date) and the Vienna Circle (Carnap, Popper etc). Pop and philosophy.

It was actually neither, more of a grand central European city, with a lively cafe culture (coffee and cake), lots of chocolate shops and some fine dining. Our 'boutique hotel had a bed in the centre of the room, which you could walk round. Someone, in the pub when I got home, claimed that this is a Viennese phenomenon, as aristocrats liked to have a quintet playing while they were in bed. Another interesting feature in the Beletage Hotel is the five-course gourmet breakfast, which was delicious.

First day we walked to the Stephensdom - cathedral then lunch and a bit of a recce. That night a goulash meal in the Guashmuseum (actually a restaurant). I rather like these spicy meat stews.


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