Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trieste Day 2

Plenty of time before my second lecture in the afternoon, so I listened to some interesting stuff about Creative Commons, recording lectures for re-use by students etc.

Late afternoon I got a lift into Trieste by another speaker. The road into town down the coast follows a lovely promenade that goes on for miles. The city is orderly with a grid of pedestrianised shopping streets and a single canal that cuts into the heart of the city centre. The church at the far end is a sort of Palladian Villa/Pantheon affair and quite ill-proportioned.

We all met in the main square (biggest in Europe apparently) which is open on one side to the sea. Everyone and everything on this coast looks to the sea. The canal, main square, Miramare Castle, the promenades and the boats - they're everywhere. It's the light that gives the place its
Sunny but chilly so went for a Cappuccino in one of those Viennese-like Cafes. Then for dinner next to the short canal followed by a gelato from the best gelato place in town!