Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trieste Day 1

Stansted to Trieste, passing over the snow-covered Alps, the Dolomites and the plain in North Eastern Italy. Then a bus down the beautiful Adriatic coast to Gregnano, with the sea on my right hand side. Like the Amalfi coast it’s a green and white, wooded limestone landscape with the sun reflecting off the surface of the sea all afternoon.
Arrived just in time to set up, test my video, listen to William (from Glasgow curiously) give his lecture, before I started. The audience was largely people from developing countries, Zambia, Zimbabwe, S Africa, Egypt, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and so on, whereas the lecturers were all Anglo-Saxon European or North American bods. In any case both sets of people were delightful. You learn a lot about the state of the world on a short lecture visit like this.
Ate in a restaurant on the shore overlooking the harbour. Marco had promised me a top-class pizza, and was true to his word.