Thursday, October 08, 2009

Rome Day 4 - Palatine and Forum

The Palatine was the Beverly Hills of Rome, with Imperial palaces, swimming pools and luxury beyond imagination. The stumps of the huge palaces survive as do the foundations of the pools and gardens. Only in The House of Augustus and Livia do we see real interiors and wall painting. Then to the Forum, wit h its Sacred Way, Arch of Titius (with Menera from Jerusalem), Arch of Septus Severus (with Parthian prisoners), curia (house of the senate and the basilicas and temples that made this the centre of the world for hundreds of years. Even now the sheer scale and expense are obvious. The forum was, from Caesar onwards, a place not only to do commercial and legal business, but to show to the world that Rome was its supreme master. It was designed to impress. The colonnades, statues, temples and scale of the buildings were impressive.

We dropped into see the Ecstasy of St Therese on the way to Termini station, although better known than Bernini’s other work, it seems to have a certain orgasmic notoriety, which overwhelms its aesthetic merit. What it does, is point towards the recognition of the role of sexuality in art. This work is crudely executed and an odd composition, but here expression says it all.

Again on the sexual origin of art, Miller credits Nietzsche as the first post-Darwinian evolutionary aesthetic theorist. The Birth of Tragedy was published in 172 a year after Darwin’s Descent of Man and explicitly states the sexual ‘Dionysian’ origins of art. A cultural courtship model based on sexual selection is developed by Miller who sees art as having a strong inherited genetic capacity. This is nothing short of the evolution of culture and an agenda that is now uncovering cognitive adaptations, their reproductive costs/benefits, variability and heritability. Nietzsche failed to understand Darwin’s basic theory of natural selection and had no sophisticated theory of sexual selection. He was prescient, however, in that he was the first, after Darwin, to advance and elaborate a theory of aesthetics rooted in human sex drives.

OK, enough of the philosophy. Rome is a truly wonderful city with layer upon layer of art, whether it be architecture, painting or sculpture. Only Istanbul comes close as a city with such historical depth. A lot pricier this time and although the food was great, the service was pretty shaky.


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