Saturday, June 13, 2009

Qatar Day 4 - swim, sauna and saunter

Down to business with offers and counter-offers, again over countless cups of coffee and tea. We came to an agreement then had lots of photographs, presentations and chat. Our drivers took us to the airport at around 4.30 for Qatar Airways flights to Doha. The Business Lounge was superb with full meals available. Arrived in Qatar late evening and took a taxi to the Millenium Hotel. Where we had a swim (pool on 7th floor), sauna (odd as it was steaming hot outside) and Jacuzzi. Took a walk in not so fresh air, at 36 degrees to the Chopsticks restaurant in the Grand regency, where we supped fizzy date juice and demolished a huge Chinese banquet. Nice to walk in the comfortably hot evening air (36 degrees!).


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