Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 3 – Istanbul –Up the Bosphorus

Ferry from Emmanou zig-zagged from village to village up the 20 miles of the Bosphorus, dodging cross channel ferries, huge tankers and other boats. At the top we climbed up to the Genoan castle which has fabulous views of the Black Sea, then down for a superb lunch of Sea Bass, anchovies, sardines, beer and baklava. You sneak beneath two huge suspension bridges which connect Europe with Asia, pass palaces and the fortresses set up by the muslims in preparation for their attack in Istanbul. We even saw a dolphin. What a fine way to spend a day.

Back in Istanbul we visited the Yeni Mosqe, walked through the Spice Bazaar, then a rest before walking down to Hamdi’s for dinner. En route the restaurant staff implore you to eat in their establishments. We had them down on their knees and even ‘I will kill myself if you don’t eat here’. At Hamdi’s, we were given a window table overlooking the Galata Bridge and had an excellent white wine (Arozza, I think), lentil soup with mint, salad, kebabs, Turkish coffe and yet more baklava.



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