Friday, December 26, 2008

Egypt Day 5 – Day of rest

Day in the grounds where I met a couple of birders. They had spotted bee-eaters, goshawk, falcon, Nile sunbirds and lots of other species. Really a day by the pool reading and learning hieroglyphics. The sun was once sacred here and it’s still an attraction, especially the sunsets where the great orange disk drops down behind the west bank palm trees. A dusk walk to the south of the island found some bulbuls and black shouldered kites. Grey England seems like a long way away.

managed to amass some fine books on Egypt and highly recommend:

British Museum's Dictionary of Ancient Egypt

Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt by Helen Strudwick

The Complete Pyramids by Mark Leher

The Blue Nile by Alan Moorhead

Nefertiti by Philipp Vanenberg

Valley of the Kings by John Romer

Death in Ancient Egypt by A J Spencer

Napoleon in Egypt by paul Strahern

The Great Belzoni by Stanley Mayes


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