Friday, December 26, 2008

Egypt Day 1 – Dec 17 2008 - Official chaos

Sixth time in Egypt and fourth in the Jolie Ville Hotel, two kilometres south of Luxor on an island in the Nile. On the flight out Jackie and I practiced our hieroglyphics, mastering the alphabet and testing each other with words that we had to translate back into English. Also mastered the number system.

Thomas Cook have their usual scam at the airport siphoning off tourists to get their visa at £13 rather than the correct £10 at any of the Egyptian banks before passport control. The journey to our hotel was longer than usual as the lines on the roads were being painted (by hand) in preparation for the (hated) Susan Mubarak’s visit. We ended up going over the railway line and the wrong way up the dual carriageway against on-coming traffic. It was great to be back and we celebrated with a  lovely walk along the Nile, with bats swooping round our heads.


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