Sunday, November 02, 2008

Florida - Orlando - Days 1-3

Being in the US in the last few days of their election was both surreal and sobering. Surreal in that a momentous event is in the air with the election of a black president, sobering in that almost no policies or numbers were ever mentioned. Fox has become even more barking mad, presenting plainly partisan debates, where all of the participants are Mcain supporters, and a steady stream of outrageous attacks on Obama. Hours are devoted to Palin's choice of wardrobe, Joe the Plumber (he's not called Joe and he's not a certified plumber), and whether Obama is a socialist, even Marxist. No mention of defecits, ideas on foreign policy, education or health. There's only one policy word that has currency - TAX. And that means 'tax cuts' even when the nation is faced with a truly unmanageable defecit, and a collapsing medical system.
But we're here to have some fun, do a lot of shopping and spend most of our time on the beach over at Venice on the Gulf Coast. First the shopping. Despite the fall in exchange rate it was still worth buying the iPOD Touch and suitcases full of clothes. The eating was better than usual, as my brother-in-law and sister have a house here, and have got to know the lie of the gastronomic land. Had enormous Santa Fe salads, and a one pound burger.
Second the fun, with a fright night at Universal Studios. If you've never done this, then give it a try. It's like going to several horror movies in one night and if you like that experience, you'll love being scared shitless by the dozens and dozens of hired actors. many just roam the streets with chain saws, in strait-jackets or masks, chasing you. But it's the special events that get the adrenaline flowing. The Doomsday event, based on the excellent British movie, had the movie clips entertain us while we waited. Inside we were attacked by punk-like cannibals. In the Interstellar spaceship we were attacked by mad space colonists and finally, asylum lunatics in  strobed event that was truly terrifying. Now for the beach.


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