Monday, October 06, 2008

Paris - Day 3 - Rodin

Sunny day, so we walked to Les Invalides then to the Musee Rodin. This is one of Paris's highlights. The area is lovely, the grounds are beautiful and the art breathtaking. Most of the major pieces, Burghers of Calais, Thinker, Balzac and Doors of Hell are in the gardens. Ken and I were stopped by a group who interviewed us about Paris and our home country. The works inside the villa are outstanding.

Lunch at the Cafe des Philosophes, haunt of Sartre and others. Again, excellent soups, beef bourgenon and lots of cheese. A walk around Marais and the Place de Voges, followed by a stroll to the llle St Louis, to see where Baudelaire wrote Les Fleurs du Mal.

Back to hotel for a sleep (we're of that age) then off to the Champs d'Elysee to La fermette Marbeuf. This was a disappointment. At £100 a head you don't expect such bad service. We weren't taken at 9.30 (the time we had booked), the maitre di brought food menus, rather than the wine list three times in a row, 2/4 entrees arrived after our first two had been eaten and the waiter splashed wine over the table while filling our glasses - and this was not cheap wine. This establishment has turned into a lazy haunt for over rich bankers and tourists.