Friday, September 19, 2008

Greece - August 08

soaking up considerable EU grants.days in Nafplion in the wonderful Hotel Ippolyte. On the Peloponese, this is a place we've been to many times. We swam in the sea every day for eight days, including one day at Herion, an ancient Greek port, where you can jump off the cliffs.

Our one day out was to the Temple of Appollo at Bassae. This is a great drive right into Central Greece and, although the temple is shrouded in a giant tent, it's well worth seeing. The Doric limestone columns are mostly in place despite centuries of earthquakes and robbing for building. Its remoteness seemed to have saved it. It's contemporary with the building of the Parthenon and by the same architect. On the way back we stooped for lunch in Andropolis - fantastic chicken and lamb in herbs and lemon juice. The best meal of the whole trip.

The best Taverna is the Naflion down at the port, the one that takes up an alley behind the ciema (converted mosque) and the The Old Taverna just up behind the Museum (never been open in the five years we've been going there, despite soaking up lots of European grant money).