Friday, May 02, 2008

Day 5 – Wall walk & Luoyang by train

Walking west on the wall
We woke early and headed up to the gap in the wall to walk west towards Jinshanling. There was not a soul to be seen and we walked to the 13th castle across vertiginous camel humps around more ruined sections and through marvellous scenery. The walking was hard going but the rewards more than worth the effort. Light rain made descents treacherous and I slipped and gashed my finger. The route from Simtai to Jinshanling is about 10 kilometres. We walked halfway and back, the same total. Even the older kids did the walk.

Train to Luoyang
We drove back to Beijing and decamped into the huge Beijing West Railway Station, which is where all trains to the South depart. It was exciting to board a sleeper train and get settled into our cabin, four bunk beds, and a table. Everyone was excited by the novelty of it all but I crashed out into a deep sleep.


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