Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 4 – Shuttle

Off to Myakka Park where we hired two canoes. Had a mishap on launch, spilling Callum and I into the alligator infested water. Gil and Carl had similar difficulties on crossing a flooded dam, where their canoe got grounded on the top of the dam. Then, out of the corner of our eyes we saw the Space Shuttle roar vertically white, with a huge orange glow, rising slowly then twisting and curving off out of the atmosphere into orbit – truly spectacular and quite moving. It left a huge plume of white smoke from the ground to the upper reaches of the sky. Then some birdwatching – loads of herons, anhingas, ibises and vultures. A kingfisher was hovering then diving for fish. Walking in the woods we saw an indigo snake and a wild black pig.