Monday, September 03, 2007

Namibia Day 8 Etosha

Lived up to its reputation as one of the best game parks in the world (if something greater than the size of Wales can be called a park). We almost immediately saw zebra, springbok, oryx, waterhogs, Giraffes and elephants. It's so very different from all those TV programmes. The waterholes here are teeming with life. What must Africa have been like when there were 10 million Elephants compared to today's 500,000.

After settling into our lodge rooms we went on our first game drive and saw lots and lots of antelope. That night at the waterhole, there were literally dozens of elephant, warthogs, a hyena and giraffes.

Game parks now manage themselves, with only elephants or diseased animals being culled. As this was winter, it was dry so the waterholes were very busy and the lack of foliage meant the animals were easier to spot.


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