Monday, September 03, 2007

Namibia Day 7 Twyfellontyne

Rock Paintings
Two African Black Eagles soared above the red sandstone cliffs where the bushmen had drawn (painted and inscribed) their animals and themselves. Many of the animals were without heads, not an artistic affectation but necessary as that was where the posioned arrows struck. They had to chop off the heads to make the meat safe to eat. The spring must have been the original attraction, along with the lion and horse's head shapes in the rock.

Petrified Forest
A small petrified forest area was worth visiting if not for the fossils, then the palnts. The euphorbia with its posonous white sap that oozed out on just bending the stems.

Cape Cross
The strange atmosphere of fog and sun along mile after mile of sand and sea is so very different from most coasts. We stopped at Cape Cross sea colony where the jackals roamed around hoping to pick up a crushed pup. The seals were defending their pups or frolicking in the waves.


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