Friday, January 05, 2007


Two weeks ate the Edinburgh Festival followed by a few days camping in Glen Nevis.

Glen Nevis
Drove up through Glencoe with soaring eagles and a jet tilting gently from left to right as it roared up the glen. After some meat carved filled rolls from Forst William, we drove round to the camping site we stayed in over 27 years earlier!

Put up the tent, borrowed from Gil's sister and ate in the restaurant by the river. The location is stunning and when we lifted the flap of our tent we could see the mountains rise directly in front of us with Ben Nevis over to the right. Lovely walk along the bank of the river.

Breakfast is the best camping meal - black pudding, sausage and bacon rolls and hot mugs of tea and coffee. Drove to Mallaig and stopped off at the magnificent white sand beaches at Arisaig. I had been here on holiday when I was a child and still remember how green it was and the turquoise green sea and blue sky. We stayed in a little but and ben. We did some beachcombing for razor shells, had fish and chips in Mallaig (a miserable little place), then drove back.

The waether was predictable wet but that added to the fun.


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