Friday, June 30, 2006

Day 1 - Flight to Amman

Flew from Heathrow to Amman with Royal Jordanian Airlines at17.00. 20 minutes to get into Terminal three, then a three hour line just to get to the departure gate. Once through we hoofed it to the plane.

Reasonable flight with RV as the movie. Callum slept for an hour. Food OK. Arrived in Amman at 2 am after flying south of Cyprus and over northern Israel! No signs of any whizz bangs! Bit of a bother having to fly without hand luggage. No reading so we had to amuse ourselves! Plane TV had a system for identifying the direction to Mecca, no matter what direction the plane was flying - neat.

Our companions seem like a nice bunch. Two families. One with a young son (Benedict) another with a teenage daughter. Time to crash out as we're up early for Jerash (it rymes) then a swim in the Dead Sea in the afternoon.

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Jordan here we come

This is our blog for our trip to Jordan in August 2006. No, not Jordan the model or Jordan the basketball player! (Typed in Jordan to get a map from Google images and got lots of pictures of Jordan the model. ) We will try to post every day, but we'll need to find a internet café or hope our hotel has a computer.